Based on scientific research, cross-disciplinary integration,

new technology development, and health management through education.

Established in 2004, ONE Theory has developed holistic health management education, scientific research, product development and production with holistic health management philosophy as its foundation. The integrated concept and technique relates to the theories of biotensegrity, myofascial massage, Chinese meridians and collateral as well as bio-information therapy have become an integrated health management services.
Due to continuous business development, ONE Theory has already established branches all over Asia, and continues to receive world-wide recognition for its efforts.

In the area of health management scientific research, ONE Theory also collaborates with various universities to develop health management technology as well as health management devices and products.

In the diversification of the health management business, ONE Theory has established iONE Theory Limited in 2015, offering craniofacial restructuring aesthetic services using mainly freehand and advanced signal technology, and promotes natural, non-surgical, no injection and non-invasive pioneering work.

In 2016, ONE Theory is in collaboration with Zhongguancun Development Group and other Mainland Chinese companies to form Beijing iONE Theory Health Tech Limited in Beijing which is committed to promoting and enhancing professional and general education related to brain function in children, carrying research and development of technology and devices that enhance brain function in children and the elderly, selling self-developed products and related oversea products, as well as promoting exchange of technical knowledge and expertise on brain function between China and foreign countries.