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Based on scientific research, cross-disciplinary integration,

new technology development, and health management through education.

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Our philosophy

Humans possess excellent adaptability and healing power.

Health management is all about supporting the smooth functioning of the body and maintaining the best condition of the body, the mind and the soul.

We firmly believe that the human body possess great adaptability and healing power towards the environment, and can respond well to environmental stimuli. Any problem to the human body, especially due to long-term and chronic diseases, is a result of functional system disorder.

A human body that functions in good condition relies on high performance cells, precise bio-signals, adequate bio-energy and nutrition, coupled with good structure. Health refers to the ability of different systems in the human body to give suitable and effective response to environmental stimuli. Holistic health covers good performance of the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and social systems.

Health management is non-invasive; the earlier the timing of intervention, the better the outcome for the patient, where the key is to cure the root of the problem.

Simultaneous implementation of self and professional health management enhances effectiveness.

Sustainable education and scientific research reduces cost.

The most effective health management method is to simultaneously implement both professional and self-health management. Health management education, be it professional or universal education, is an integral part of health management.

Developing new health management technology, techniques, devices and tools can enhance the effectiveness of health management and significantly reduce costs, thus ensuring highly meaningful sustainable development.


SINE System

The human body system refers to a series of organs and tissues that are responsible for different functions and life activities (such as circulatory system, nervous system and emotional system). The SINE System includes four systems that support the smooth functioning of other human body systems.

Structural System

This system functions to support human organs and tissues, and maintain the shape and relative position of organs and tissues in static and dynamic states. The reception and transmission of bio-signals and bio-energy by the human structure is extremely vital. Once the human structure shows signs of illness, the human health shall be greatly affected.

Bio-information System

The human body consists of trillions of cells which respond to stimuli inside and outside the human body through division of labor, cooperation and communication to carry out various types of life activities. The bio-information system involves some organs and tissues that allows stimuli inside and outside the human body to be smoothly and accurately received as well as transmitted between cells.

Nutrition and Detoxification System

While in operation and during the growth process, the human body needs to absorb various nutrients to maintain metabolism and provide various forms of functional substances. Different wastes and toxins will be produced during the process of absorbing and transforming nutrients. Environmental factors (including pollution, microorganisms, pressure, stress and emotions) can also lead to the production of toxins in large quantities. These harmful substances have to be discharged from the body so as to maintain health. Nutrition and detoxification system is the system dedicated to carrying such responsibilities.

Bio Energy System

All human activities require energy support. The bio-energy system is responsible for absorbing, storing, transmitting and transforming bio-energy required by the human body.